Thursday, December 3, 2009

Montessori Pick for the Week of November 29, 2009

Highlights from the AMC Montessori Newsletter

Part III


I love the smell of baked apples. This autumn and winter try a new apple recipe. Ginger-Coconut Baked Apples is sure to delight your family and friends. Dale, from North American Montessori Center, has also shared the Montessori Button-Buddy activity. Dale takes you step by step on how to present this lesson and provides an extension exercises as well.

Richard, from LORD Company, has uploaded some FREE materials for you to use in your school and home classrooms. Read Part II of this newsletter to learn more about The Land and Water Forms Cards and Labels set and how to use them.

Verna, from The Music House, contributed the Aromatic Basmatic Rice with Saffron. This delicious dish could be served at any upcoming multicultural event or be an unexpected delicious treat for your holiday meal.

Wenda, from Birdcage Press, has provided an amazing let of free lesson planning materials for a unit study about Renaissance and Impressionist artists.

Part IV


The Scented Basket project, contributed by Mariaemma of Coaching for Learning Success, provides an opportunity for your students to learn more about art, and they will end up with a special holiday gift. Dianne, from Conceptual Learning, provides yet another tasty Nutty Chocolate Pudding Squares recipe that is great for your holiday parties. Dianne, has also graciously contributed some outstanding Montessori Math Sequencing lessons in .pdf

Georgette, from Cantemos, has compiled information for an integrated, fun pineapple unit study.

It’s not to late for the younger children to participate in the fall squirrel project. This is one new project that you will want to tuck away for next fall as well. Your students are also sure to enjoy the papier mache activity submitted by Shari of Shari and Jerry.

Dr. Borenson, from Hands On Equations, has once again contributed a free hands-on algebra activity. In this section, you will also discover more about the free Animals in the Winter unit study.

Part V


Karen, from Fun Felt, has consistently demonstrated her creative talents. In this issue, she has shared her Handprint Towel. This activity is a wonderful hands-on project, with the dual effect of doing something truly meaningful with children and helping them to create a gift with lasting memories. Karen has also shared her special Pumpkin Pie Scented Playdough Recipe. This is sure to delight the younger set!!

Joan, from Nation Relation, submitted a Recipe of World Tolerance. This is something we continually need to impart to those we educate.

Ligia, from Childsake, submitted an easy to make, delicious Holiday Cheesecake. Yum!!

Heidi Anne Spietz