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Montessori Pick for the Week of December 6, 2009

More Montessori Winter Lesson Planning in Store for You!

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Part VI


Another yummy recipe that is sure to delight the chocolate lovers in your family is Farmer’s Favorite Fudge recipe. This was contributed by Larry of Farm Country General Store.

Angela, from Wildridge Software, submitted a Hearty Fall Kale Soup recipe that is sure to warm you up on chilly wintery days.

Now for some soapy science fun!!! You read that right. John, from Exploration Education contributed a free Soap That Grows lesson. This lesson is in .pdf and contains all of the illustrations, pictures and detailed lesson plans you need to make this activity a success.

Part VII


Try a unique, tasty recipe that is sure to delight your friends and family. Mary Roberts, from Hello Wood, sums up the taste of her Onion Pie recipe with one word…..Yum-m-m-m!!

Elaine, from Kimbo Educational, makes informal entertaining quick and easy with her delicious Spinach Dip Recipe. Elaine also provided a literature link activity for Three Little Kittens.

Crepes Recipe for Children can be used as part of a unit study about the French culture. It could also be used for specific multicultural celebrations, and would be a scrumptious addition to a holiday meal.

Marjorie Kiel Persons contributed Winter by Vivaldi. Educators can use her complete lesson plan by customizing it to fit most age groups. Here are just a few ways educators can use the unit study:

*Put into historical context, i.e. Baroque Period – the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

*Creatively used in conjunction with art, science and geography activities

*Easily incorporated into other existing music programs

Marjorie includes links to lyrics and to a portrait of Vivaldi.
Please see
to view this entire lesson plan.

Sharon Jeffus shared the following in the recently uploaded AMC
Fall/Winter 2008 newsletter.

“This lesson has as its goal not only to teach a little history, teaching
drawing skills, show how important art is for communication, but to encourage children spiritually and creatively as well. C.S. Lewis’s movie “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,” is truly a work of art. We are going to focus first on the door through the wardrobe and secondly on Father Christmas and his gifts. It is exciting to think about going into a window or door into someplace very special. Windows are exciting ideas for art projects. Tomp d’oil is the idea of looking back into time. Perspective is used so that it looks like you could actually walk into the picture.”

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Now, that you have some new lesson plans, delve in and begin to put some extra sparkle into your school and home school settings. I wish you a fun filled winter..

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