Monday, March 23, 2009

Montessori Lesson Pick of the Week March 22, 2009

The following lessons have been contributed by Montessori teachers for your spring lesson planning:

Part IV — AMC Spring Newsletter
Dale Gausman of North Amrerican Montessori Center - NAMC
offers Introducing a Bird Feeder and Making Grass-Eggshell People

Part VIII - AMC Spring Newsletter

Montessorian Kathy O’Reilly, of Cooking with Children Can Be Easy, uses eggs as the focus of food related exercises. Her multi-subject integrated approach is supplemented with a Booklist for additional extension lessons.

Part II - AMC Spring Newsletter

Richard, of LORD Co. shares a free geography study in a free downloadable set of Land and Water Form Cards and Labels (includes shapes and definitions) and free beginning reading books.

Part I- AMC Spring Newsletter

Free Montessori Sequencing exercises are downloadable in .pdf courtesy of Dianne Knesek from Conceptual Learning

Visit AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Learning Newsletter to access all of this information plus other free spring lesson plans.