Thursday, October 9, 2008

Montessori Lesson Pick of the Week October 7, 2008

Sharon Jeffus has created an outstanding interdisciplinary lesson plan involving
art, math and political science. Visit Integrated Political Science Lesson to access this free lesson.

This lesson is a perfect addition to the following:

2008 United States Presidential Election Unit Study

Montessori Classified Reading Cards and Other Aids to Learn About the Presidents

Presidents of the United States - Pictures to Color- Compare and Contrast
(Make a Book)
Presidents of the United States - Matching Picture Exercise
Coloring Election Symbols
Compare the Candidates - Classified Reading Activities

Language Lesson Planning for Elementary and Middle Students

Election Word Searches
Election Mazes
Election Word Search 3
Election Glossary
Ask a Candidate - Interview Skills
Election Theme Unit
The Presidential Campaign - Persuasive Speeches

Science and Social Science Lesson Planning for Elementary and Middle Students

Social Studies Lesson on Campaigns in the Classroom
Election Data of Countries Around the World
Multi-disciplinary lesson, students conduct the entire election
process from scientifically picking a cookie candidate to campaign, vote and tally the votes (Grades 1 and 2)
Resources for teaching about the Electoral College
Whistle Stops - Fun Geography Lesson

Math Lesson Planning for Elementary and Middle Students

Election Theory
Fair Division
Graph Theory
Counting Techniques
Discrete Probability
Matrix Models
Mathematics of Iteration/Recursion
Discrete Mathematics Project - Matrices Activity

Business Marketing Activities

Track the Campaign
How Do People Decide Who To Vote For?
Campaign Promises - Election Activity?

Additional Extension Exercises - Let's Write, Discuss and Talk About the Presidential Election and Civic Engagement

Integrated Political Science, Math and Art Lesson Plans
Character Education
Steps to the White House (Grades 3 - 5)
Election Unit Lesson Plans About Past Candidates
Past Elections and the Electoral College Lesson Plans
Promoting the Candidate Lesson Plan
Create Campaign Promotional Materials for a Real or Fictional Candidate - Lesson Plan
Assessing Public Opinion: Building Your Own Public Opinion Polls
The Election Process and Political Cartoons
Access, Analyze, Act: A Blueprint for 21st Century Civic Engagement

You can access this unit study by visiting
United States Presidential Unit Study