Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Bilingual Spanish/English Unit Study About Plants

Studying about plants and their relationship to gardening and cooking can become a fun hands-on adventure for students in the 5 - 7 age range when the Montessori approach is used. Extension exercises, particularly done in two languages, can create further enrichment for young children. With the unique approach that is employed in the unit study 'Plants", students learn about this topic by reading and writing in both Spanish and English. A wealth of supporting Spanish/English resources and suggestions makes the lesson preparation and presentation a breeze for the educator. Moreover, the student’s enthusiasm grows as he learns and applies important concepts presented in both languages.

The adventure begins when students read about the seasons through literature. Next, a block of time is devoted to the study of seeds and plants. By studying ‘The Tortilla”, students begin to make the connection between seeds and plants.

The fictitious character, Carlos, then takes the students on a journey where they observe the sprouting of seeds by studying the lima beans in a controlled environment.

The final lesson, El Maiz, allows the students to combine record keeping through

open-ended comparisons and recording observations. Since this final lesson concentrates

on corn, students are invited to make cornmeal pancakes.

Each lesson encourages an integrated bilingual approach, so that students learn and apply

in both Spanish and English.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is used to make certain that students understand the concepts introduced. See http://www.amonco.org/bloomstaxonomy.html for a comparison of

Bloom’s Taxonomy with the Montessori method.

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A Gardening Unit Study


Heidi Anne Spietz

American Montessori Consulting