Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sizzling Summer Recipes - Montessori Style

Dale Gausman, owner of the North American Montessori Center, shows how children can plan, prepare, and execute a Spring or Summer Tea. Dale’s Friendship Salad makes a perfect addition to the Spring Tea menu or any other event planned for the upcoming months. Click here for details.

The late Montessorian Kathy O’Reilly, author of Cooking with Children Can Be Easy, will show you how to prepare a food unit study for children featuring the yummy Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split recipe.

DIanne Knesek, Montessori teacher and owner of Conceptual Learning, shares a mouth watering Summer Fruit, Cheese, and Meat Kabobs recipe. Visit this link for complete information

Mary, from the Montessori materials company Hello Wood, offers the delicious recipe, Onion Pie, perfect for your holiday celebrations. See

Planning a unit study about pirates? Fun Felt, shares her three pirate snack ideas – Treasure Chests, Pirate Ships and Cannonballs, all of which, can be easily integrated into any pirate unit study. Click here to access the recipes.

Montessorian Cathie Perolman employs the Montessori practical life technique with her scrumptious gingerbread muffins recipe. Access this recipe by clicking here

Larry, from Farm Country General Store, shares two equally delicious recipes. See Farm Country’s Cinnamon Roll and Farm Country’s Favorite Cornbread recipes. . What perfect additions to either a homemade Father’s Day breakfast or for a lazy Saturday morning con su famlia (with your family.) Don't forget to also check out Karen's newest recipe - Green Smoothies. See