Monday, October 25, 2010

Special Montessori Holiday and Winter Lesson Planning Newsletter

Table of Contents

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Part I

Collage Paste Mix and Sawdust Clay
Teaching Alternative Energy Ideas
Scribble Designs ~ Reawaken Those Imagination Sparking Moments
Masks and Mask Making
Sharing Food, Food in Art Unit Study

Part II

Pistachio Poppy Seed Cake ~ A Miami Favorite
Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Cutouts ~ Recipe from Montessorian
Big Numbers Writing Activity
Science Activity "Air Lift"

Part III

Practical Life Activity: Napkin Folding
Ginger-Coconut Baked Apples
Making a Button-Buddy
Smelling Bottles
Acting Out How Animals Survive Winter
Simple Free Reading Books
Water and Land Forms (Cards and Labels)
Aromatic Basmati Rice with Saffron
Stories About Renaissance and Impressionist Artists
Nanny's Zucchini's Bread
Cooks in the Classroom
* Nutrition and ADHD
*Where do essential fats come from?
* What are essential fats?

Part IV

Scented Baskets
Tin Can Luminaries
Nutty Chocolate Pudding Squares
Montessori Math Sequencing
Chocolate Dusted Almonds
Dried Pineapple, Music and Faraway Places
Pineapple Unit Study
Fall Squirrel
Papier-Mache Art Activity
Animals in the Winter Unit Study
Free Hands-On Algebra Activity

Part V

Middle School Word Puzzles
Handprint Towel - Unique Craft and Gift
Pumpkin Pie Scented Playdough Recipe
Recipe for World Tolerance
Holiday Cheesecake

Part VI

Farmer's Favorite Fudge
Spinach Dip Recipe
Three Kittens Literature Link
Hearty Kale Soup
Soap That Grows

Part VII

Onion Pie
Music and Self-Regulatory Behavior
Crepes Recipe For Children
Vivaldi's Musical Activities and Lessons for The Four Seasons
(Featuring Winter)

Historical Fiction: Where Fact and Fiction Merge
Planning a New Literature Program for Your Child


Re-thinking Holiday Priorities During Tough Times

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