Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Japan America Kite Festival - October 3rd

The Japan America Kite Festival will be held this coming Sunday, in Seal Beach, CA. It's free and fabulous. Glen Rothstein, once again, will be the MC. Check out his website

For information about the upcoming Japan America Kite Festival please visit Kite Festival Info.

One day, in June 2007, I took a stroll down Main Street in Seal Beach, California. After spending a relaxing day there, I decided to devote an article to helping you get the most out of your Seal Beach vacation experience. Yes, if you are planning to take a vacation to Southern California this summer, The Art and Science of Kite Flying article, is a “must” read. Museums, art galleries, kite flying, hobby stores, eateries, and more are just a few of the things that await you in a town that has managed to keep its quaintness intact.

No, you won’t find a commercial shopping mall or an amusement park. Rather, you will find a relaxing environment - complete with chirping birds, beautiful flora and families happily chattering while walking down the boulevard hand in hand. Highlights of what to do and see while in Seal Beach are featured in this article. However, the true magic doesn’t begin until you have ambled down near the pier. The article focuses on the annual Seal Beach Kite Festival, the Up Up and Away Shop and the Up Up and Away Kite Club.

By reading the article, you will learn more about the magnificent annual festival and monthly kite club meetings. You will also discover how you can make and fly a customized kite in your neck of the woods, plus learn tips about which kites to buy.Take advantage of obtaining this knowledge from the experts that I interviewed. Visit
To learn more abut Seal Beach, kite flying and numerous kite flying lessons and resource links, please visit

For specific information about the Japan America Kite Festival, please visit and FestivalFlyer.pdf

Enjoy :-)

Heidi Anne Spietz