Friday, November 6, 2009

AMC Special Montessori Holiday News and Lessons

Some Montessori Holiday News by Heidi Anne Spietz

The American Montessori Society 2009 Fall Conference was outstanding. I enjoyed attending the workshops and visiting the exhibit center.

AMS Workshops

The workshops were excellent. Visit AMS Fall Conference for a list of what was offered. See American Montessori Consulting - Facebook for comments about some of the workshops.


I spoke with Dave from Hello Wood and was really impressed with the brand new memory puzzle. Dave will transform a picture featuring your favorite pet, a child, other relative, vacation spot, etc. into a BEAUTIFUL memory puzzle. Contact Dave via e-mail at or call (931)498-2432 for additional information.

Representatives from Conceptual Learning, Hands On Equations/, Insta-Learn , and Priority Montessori were among the many represented there.

Montessori for the 21st Century Special Drawing News

Don't forget to enter the AMC Montessori November Drawing. The first place winner will receive the Bountiful Quick-to-Knit Scarf Ki by Bountiful Spinweave plus other prizes!!!! To enter visit AMC Resource Center and complete the entry form located at the bottom of the page.

AMC Fall and Winter Lesson Planning

Complete free fall and winter lesson plans await you.

Please visit

Fall Hands on Newsletter


Winter Hands On Newsletter

Montessorian Dale Gausman has added some new Montessori lessons to the AMC Fall/Winter 2009 edition. See Winter Section 3 to access the Smelling Bottles and Acting Out How Animals Survive in the Winter lessons.

For descriptions of all of the wonder lessons available, please visit Montessori Fall Hands On Lessons and Montessori Winter Hands On Lessons

Special Holiday Articles and Montessori Exercises

Visit the following links to access the free information.

Montessori Holiday Grammar Game for Children

Montessori Community Service Projects

Special Holiday Meals for Special Diets

Thanksgiving Thoughts: Passing Along Some Positive Perspective with the Pumpkin Pie

More Holidays Around the World

Christmas Around the World Part 1

Christmas Around the World Part II


Animals in the Winter - A Montessori Unit Study