Monday, September 14, 2009

Montessori Picks for the Week of September 14, 2009

More in Store for you this Fall from AMC

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Science and Nature

In In Part II Janette, from Cotton’s Journey, shares her
COTTON BOLL’S BOUNTY ACTIVITY Janette tells us that the student will be able to compare cotton lint varieties, predict and record, compute percentages, and discover the properties of spinning and crushing cottonseed oil.

This activity is an interdisciplinary unit for the following grades:

1st-3rd, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Nature of Science
4th-6th, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Nature of Science
7th, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Nature of Science

John, from Exploration Education, will walk you through the science activity SIMPLY SOUND, which helps children understand the properties of sound, and they will actually have fun doing so. Visit Part VIII for details.

Don and Diana, from Nature’s Workshop Plus, have authored the article Delighting in Discovering Little Things. Set aside time to read this informative piece. Children will discover new ways to see the world through a hand held magnifying glass or microscope. See to download this information.

Ever been on a microscope safari? Get ready, set, go! See
Part IX for additional information.

Receive a complete cardiovasuclar unit study for K – 12 with links for post secondary students by visiting Part VIII

Free Educational Games

Alan, from Stillson Works, offers some unique, innovative Middle School Word Puzzles These puzzles will be especially useful for Columbus Day, Christmas, etc. Alan’s puzzles are also unique holiday gifts.

See Part IX to access the Birdcage Press Combine Learning and Fun at Art Museums article plus links to the Treasure Hunt, Art Collector, I Spy an Eye and Scavenger Hunt games.

Literature Lessons

Searching for the right book? When in doubt, start with the winners! Rita, from will show you how to do just that! Whether you are in the process of compiling a reading booklist or in the process of creating your own book-awards program, this is the place to start. Visit to download Rita’s information.