Monday, August 31, 2009

Montessori Picks for the Week of August 31, 2009

Make September Special!

 Visit to download the free AMC Montessori Fall Lesson Planning issue.

Below, is just a sampling of what you will find in this issue.


Janet, from Chinaberry, forwarded a Frozen Jack-O-Lanterns recipe and Gari, from Music for Little Folks contributed a very special chocolate pudding recipe. Both are perfect for autumn parties. See Part IV

The Danish Aebleskiver contributed by Rae of the Creative Process, Lithuanian Cranberry Cake by Ligia of Childsake and the German Oma’s Cake shared by Carolyn of Excellence in Education are three recipes that are perfect for the upcoming fall and winter months. Carolyn has also used the dough in the classroom for many creative projects. See Part VII

In a hurry? Try the Omelet in a Bag contributed by Joyful Noise Publications and Macaroni and Cheese contributed by Millie of Insta-Learn. See Part VIII

In Part II you will also find a ice pudding recipe submitted by Vera of The Music House.


Georgette, from Cantemos, will lead you step by step on how to make a guiro. Think of the fun this musical instrument will create in your school and home classrooms. It will add much to multicultural discussions involving music and musical instruments of Latin America. Visit this link for details.

Shari, from Shari and Jerry, has provided some fun sensory extension exercises that will help children identify and discern different sounds. See Sound Effects Activities

Marjorie, from Classical Magic, offers a lesson plan for autumn by Vivaldi – from The Four Season. See Part VII You will discover that her very creative ideas can be adapted for various age groups.

Back to School Montessori Crafts and Exercises

In Part III, Dale Gausman, from the North American Montessori Center, shares two great back to school exercises. To access The Friendship Tree and the Getting to Know You Exercises click here. In
Part VI, Joan of Nation Relation, shares her Geography Catch Games. See for details.